{July 25, 2012}   Wrong Era

I hate cellphones. Why? Because they work and dont work.

I miss the days when you had proper forms of communication, talking in person.Then you would know if someone was avoiding or even ignoring you. Now you can blame it on network, or my software malfunctioned.

So what? If your phone stops functioning should it mean that all forms of convo should cease to exist. What happened to letters? In fact how many of us know their friends or even partners handwritting? Are you not ashamed?

Or maybe you are not too excited about writting but you have a killer personality. Why not go visit that person in PERSON. We act like a bunch of rocks when placed in a room full of actual people but enter an online chat room and you have so much to say.

Im not sure this is the world I want to live in. Im not sure if I was born in the correct epoch too.


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