Keep Your Head Above the clouds.


{July 25, 2012}   Wrong Era

I hate cellphones. Why? Because they work and dont work.

I miss the days when you had proper forms of communication, talking in person.Then you would know if someone was avoiding or even ignoring you. Now you can blame it on network, or my software malfunctioned.

So what? If your phone stops functioning should it mean that all forms of convo should cease to exist. What happened to letters? In fact how many of us know their friends or even partners handwritting? Are you not ashamed?

Or maybe you are not too excited about writting but you have a killer personality. Why not go visit that person in PERSON. We act like a bunch of rocks when placed in a room full of actual people but enter an online chat room and you have so much to say.

Im not sure this is the world I want to live in. Im not sure if I was born in the correct epoch too.

{July 1, 2012}   Shining in the dark

Ever since I got my driving licence I stopped walking. It is not because I now thinking I am above it. I wanted to walk, I just did not have the time.

However, today I walked.I had not a care in the world and just walked with no purpose. Troubles aside. It felt good and natural.

On my way back I bumped into a woman I met during the days I walked. I hadn’t seen her in a year but she remembered me. She could see me even in the dark.

At first I couldn’t place her face but then she refreshed my memory. I had helped her, a year back to carry her groceries. She had been a total stranger to me.Most people would have walked by, and they did. Some even drove by but since I wasn’t driving, I took what little I had and offered it to her. She was pregnant. And although I had places to be, things to do, I paused and thought about how she felt. Empathy.

And she remembered that. She gave me back that one thing I have been trying to stand for but due to heartache and general life, I had forgotten.

Its the little things. Give with what little you have. You never know what a little kindness will do to someone’s life. It will put a smile on their face and one day when you are short of things to smile about, they may suprise you and give you a reason to smile.

Everyone has a trouble just like you. Just one act of kindness will touch their soul.

You will start shining in the dark. Just like the stars.

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